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tv   Larry King Live  CNN  December 12, 2010 3:00am-4:00am EST

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if you meet the taliban, you never know if you're going to be a guest or a hostage, you know. that's the risk you have to take. >> the risk you have to take to understand the taliban. an enemy still eluding american troops. still killing coalition forces. still fighting to win control of afghanistan. even after arinding decade of war. >> larry: tonight, mike tyson. the former heavyweight champ on life at the top and the bottom. and how the death of a child and years in prison helped redeem him. plus, he reveals a childhood secret.
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mike tyson for the hour is next on "larry king live." good evening. mike tyson returns to "larry king live." the legendary former heavyweight boxing champion, always welcome around here. how are you doing? >> i'm doing awesome, frank. thanks, my friend. >> larry: we've been together many, many times over the years. do you ever look back and say, i'm not the guy i was? >> all the time. yeah, it's pretty interesting you said that. i look at that guy and think, what was going on, what was happening. i have no idea what was going on with my life back then. >> larry: what the most changed you? >> i don't know, i just knew i had to grow up. i lost my daughter in some family accident at home. and i just -- it was just a time
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to grow up. and wake up. >> larry: that was, of course, the worst incident in your life, right? >> pretty much. pretty much, yeah. >> larry: she died how? >> a freak accident on the treadmill. >> larry: how old was she? >> 4. >> larry: were you home? >> no, no, no. i wasn't living with her mother at the time. i was in las vegas, and they lived in phoenix. and her mother called and told me what happened. and i rushed down there. and it was already pretty much a done deal. >> larry: you never get over that, do you? >> i don't know. i don't know. it's a new stage. the beginning stage. i don't know if i get over it or not. >> larry: do you believe in an afterlife? do you believe she's somewhere? >> i don't know anything. i just know you have to keep on living and being alive and living.
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being alive is living and being dead is dying. >> larry: interesting philosophy on life. you're done with boxing, right? >> pretty much, yeah. >> larry: you never think of doing another holyfield? >> never, ever. i wish i could. >> larry: do you ever miss it? >> periodically. not, wow, i should have done this. i wish every now and then. >> larry: you don't go through would have, should have, could have? >> never. >> larry: a lot of people probably still think you're iron mike tyson. but you're not. we sent a crew to your home in lfls. let's show everybody how you spend your days. >> oh, larry, man. >> larry: here's mike tyson, the family man.
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>> from the president to the vice president. >> i went from vice president to the president? >> i wst went from the president to the vice president. say hi, larry. she's shy. you like that, don't you? this is difficult. but this is a challenge i welcome with open arms. i love this stuff now. >> larry: the career, life and times of mike tyson. the extraordinary figure in the history of american sport. the former heavyweight boxing champion. let's go back a little. do you think you had too much too soon? >> i don't know, larry. i wanted to -- i don't know if i was prepared for it, but i know i wanted it. and i was prepared to get it. and i trained hard and worked hard, you know. >> larry: how old were you when you were champion? >> 20 years old. >> larry: in reflection, would
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you have been better off if it had happened when you were 25? >> no. because then i would have been -- i would have been just like everyone else. >> larry: so you're glad you were the youngest person to hold the title? >> yes. >> larry: you grew up in a tough neighborhood in brooklyn. >> you did, too. >> larry: same neighborhood, brownsville. >> yeah. isn't that an awesome place? >> larry: saratoga park. do you go there? >> all the time. >> larry: my dad used to take me there for good humor ice cream. >> all the time. >> larry: you had to bust out of that neighborhood, though. >> yeah. it was the tough inner city. probably the toughest in america. the poorest city in america. and it's just -- it's a world of dog-eat-dog. it's where murder incorporated originated. >> larry: you know your history, right? >> yeah. >> larry: brooklyn is still in you though? >> till the day i die, yeah. >> larry: me, too. >> it's just who you are.
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there's something about brooklyn people that -- it's interesting, because every one of us always feels different. we don't feel -- we feel that for some reason we feel we're from brooklyn, that we're the best. don't you feel the same way, too? >> larry: not the best. certainly we're a part -- >> people know our name and where we come from. you feel the same way, too. >> larry: a lot of success stories out of brooklyn. >> yeah. 100%. >> larry: maybe it's because we were like an island. you know, manhattan was out there, right? >> i would say so, yeah. >> larry: do you still have friends from brooklyn? >> yeah, i do. you know what's going to be interesting, because this new documentary series that i'm a part of, into the world of pigeon flying and bird racing, you're going to see some of my friends that i grew up with when i was little kids. we were flying pigeons together when we were 10 and 11 years old, and we're still flying pigeons now. it's ironic how we interact. not the mike tyson and his
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entourage. no, get this, watch out, there's a stray. come on, move down. it's just really interesting. >> larry: i remember brando flew pigeons in a movie. >> "on the waterfront." >> larry: he flew pigeons. what took you to flying pigeons? how old were you? >> probably 10 or 11 years old. and i -- i was flying some birds. some friends of mine had skipped school, and i had -- i had skipped, school, too, because guys were picking on me all the time so i didn't want to go to school. these other guys saw me and said, come here. i was a frightened kid. they were patting my pockets. and they said, do you want to fly with us? i didn't know what fly was. but i'm a dope, so they made me climb a fence, and at school you had those crate boxes. so i threw a few of the crate boxes over. and i went to this abandoned building and saw these marks. i'm creeped out, thinking, why
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are we in this building. i'm a little kid. we go on the roof and i see some pigeons. i'm like, wow. so these birds that these guys had, they were really ill-conditioned birds. they were horrible birds. they couldn't fly 1,000 feet. but every time they would fly, they would land on the building. so these guys would make me a gofer and make me go in the abandoned and chase the birds. then we would go to another building, a corporate building. >> larry: did they fly back? >> no, they were just so lazy. but they had rotten birds and stuff. >> larry: so you got to like it. >> yeah. >> larry: why? >> i don't know. i really wish i could tell you. >> larry: you have birds now? >> i have birds in my house. well, all together, i have birds everywhere that i journey. i have homes that i live, hang out. i have birds there. all together, i have probably around 2,500 birds. >> larry: okay, mike. you don't think that's a little
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weird? >> well, they're in different places. i don't know. it's always a problem -- >> larry: when you have pigeons, do they fly and come back to you? >> yeah. >> larry: are they like trained? >> they fly 500 miles. you take them 500 miles, they come back. very difficult to explain to a person. >> larry: it's also difficult to explain the world of mike tyson. we'll be right back. >> that, too. >> larry: the former champ. don't go away. >> i was with some friends of mine. i was gypping school, i was 9. some guys came up to me and wanted to rip me off. and i didn't have any money. so they said, do you want to fly birds. so i went to their coop and i was their little gofer chasing the birds from roof to roof and building to building. and i didn't know. i thought it was cool having birds. and as i got more and more educated in the birds, i decided this is what i want to do.
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>> larry: we're back with mike tyson. he has talked frequently about changing his life, finding allah, finding religion. here's a look back at what mike said back then. watch. >> being here put me in confinement, put me in a situation to understand islam. to be proud of becoming a muslim. i've become more in touch with allah. i've become humbled with the best quality. i've been braggadocio before. i'm a humbled man, just living a
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more easy-going life. i want to live that life. my grasp sometimes loosened because i got things that had nothing to do with my religion. i thank god that i grasped it. and it's working out good. >> larry: there's so many inconsistencies in you, mike. i guess you wonder about it yourself. you find allah. at the same time you get yourself in trouble with trugs, drugs, the law, paparazzi, financial problems. are there two mike tysons? >> i don't know if there are two mike tysons. everybody knows the world don't care who you are. the richest person in the world, poorest time in the world, hard times fall on everyone. regardless of what kind of religion, you could be a christian, a muslim, or a jew, atheist, whatever you are, you know, whatever we have with us, we bring our baggage to our religion with us.
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regardless of who we are. we just have baggage that we have and we bring it with us, until we work on the problem that's an inside job, we're still going to be reckless and continue to get into a lot of trouble. >> larry: but shouldn't your faith have helped you not get into trouble? >> i don't know. i don't know if faith can help me. i have to help me. i have to help me. i mean, god doesn't help anyone that doesn't help themselves. so i have to help me. >> larry: do you remember what attracted you -- or maybe this is the hardest thing to explain -- to drugs in the first place? i know you defeated it. >> i like to believe that. because i was born an addict. my mother was an addict. so i am who i am, you know. but i love who i am, and i embrace who i am. and that's just who it is. >> larry: were you addicted when you were boxing? >> i've always been addicted.
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i've always been addicted. i wasn't using drugs when i was boxing, when i started. but it was so interesting, and i said i didn't do drugs for 14 years, but i never considered alcohol would be a drug, too, but i would get drunk after every fight. i was off drugs for 14 years, but that really wasn't true. i was just lying to myself. i was drunk after every fight. >> larry: do you sti consider yourself an addict? >> yeah. yeah, i guess. >> larry: how long sober? >> probably 18 months. >> larry: so if you were born an addict, your mother an addict, that can happen in birth. >> i don't know. but i don't use that for no excuse. no way i could ever have accomplished that i accomplished. you can't help who you are or what you are. but you can sure help your conduct. >> larry: how do you avoid temptation?
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>> i have responsibilities in my life. i don't want to let my children down anymore. i don't want to let myself down. i don't want to let my wife down anymore. i have a lot of things to do. in a very short time. >> larry: we'll be back with mike tyson. don't go away. 
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we've got to have the pigeons. i don't know if that's what i wanted from the pigeon world, but i always knew the italian guy or puerto rican guy that had the pigeons in that neighborhood was the man. >> larry: i guess the former heavyweight champion and one of my favorites, mike tyson's an unusual guy.
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he has a new show coming out next year on animal planet. >> thank you very much, larry. >> larry:. doi want to offend you. it's called -- no, no, i know, it's called "taking on tyson." it's about his life and his obvious love of pigeon racing which we already discussed. but here's a trip down memory lane. watch. >> i have no desire to ever think about going back to boxing. i think really the best moment of my life is when i retired. because i was too into that character, that iron mike guy. that guy was pretty toxic for me at that particular time. he had overstayed his welcome. you know what i mean? i was finished with him. i had to get away from him, you know. he became his own entity and it became kind of creepy. so i had to get away from that. this is just a part of me that i just don't like and don't understand, you know. so i like this guy. this is an awesome guy. >> larry: who's that with you? >> that's my friend mario. he also won the co-host on the
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show that we're having. >> larry: do we see pigeons flying in that show? >> absolutely, yeah. >> larry: when you have a pigeon race, what do you have, numbers on them? >> of course. they have bands. you have the bands identify them. and everybody gets their team of birds. maybe 30 guys, 100 guys, depends. >> larry: and where do they race? >> depends on the duration. let's take our birds 1,000 mile, 100 miles, 70 miles, it depends. >> larry: okay. the birds -- >> it's in stages. >> larry: you're going to race 200 miles. do they race l.a. to vegas? >> i'm sure, yes. >> larry: how do you know who won? >> as soon as they come back, your bird gets in, you clock the time it gets in, and you can't cheat because it's timed on the computer. and then -- >> larry: you'll wait? >> you go and wait. >> larry: how fast do they fly?
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>> 60 miles an hour. >> larry: that's going pretty good. you can't make money with this? >> yes, you can. >> larry: how? >> we're not doing it for money, we're doing it for bragging rights. >> larry: how do you make money in pigeon racing? >> it's one of the biggest sports in the world. you bet -- different clubs bet each other. >> larry: this is a new world to me. >> no, this world's been before christ. >> larry: do you name your pigeons? >> not in particular, no. >> larry: i know you had a bad temper. i remember that phase of yours. do you still have it? >> well, not really. but i'm sure you can get it out if you look deep enough. >> larry: do little things set you off? >> not as much as they used to, no. how about you? >> larry: no, i don't -- i'll get it, but it goes away right away. i never held a grudge. >> i wish i could do that. >> larry: you hold grudges? >> i've held them. i haven't had any to hold lately, but i've held some. >> larry: when you were in the
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ring, you were -- i've had the good fortune to interview many, many boxers. mariono never liked it. and he didn't like the killer instinct. he had to have it. he was in the ring. but he never enjoyed it. really enjoyed it. you enjoyed it, didn't you? >> well, you know, it's funny you say that, because you know what, in order to accomplish all the goals that they put in front of me, i had to view myself greater than what i truly was. so i really had to get into a character, and be this unstoppable invincible monster. and that's just what it was. >> larry: so was your trainer forcing you into that? >> no, but i wanted to make him happy. he was like my father figure and
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i wanted to make him happy. i wanted to be this ferocious champion that was invincible. >> larry: what was it like to hit someone hard? >> you know, larry, when you're fighting, actually in the ring, in the ring you're talking about, right? >> larry: yeah. with you, it could be anywhere. but i'm talking about in the ring. >> i don't know. you practice it for most your life. and then you accomplish it in the ring. and you work for it. you anticipate it, you expect it. you don't get a big joy out of it. something that you expect to happen. if it doesn't happen, then you have a disappointment moment. >> larry: ever feel sorry for an opponent? >> i don't think so, no. it's just -- it was me at that particular time. i have all the admiration respect for them. it was either him or me at that time. >> larry: ali told me once, hey, all the poems and everything, that guy is trying to hurt me.
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>> yeah, but we can't look at it like that. this is a job. no one put a gun to our head and mace us do this. it's more of a job. it's more of an art. if you're doing your art correctly, you're not going to get hurt. >> larry: more with mike after this. ring ring ring ring
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i'm don lemon. here's a look at the top stories right now. richard holbrook is in critical condition in a washington hospital following surgery for a tear in his aorta. holbrook is the special representative for pakistan and afghanistan. he was hospitalized on friday after becoming ill during a meeting with secretary of state hillary clinton. the eldest son of bernie madoff apparently killed himself in his new york apartment on saturday. mark madoff's father-in-law found his body after the family received e-mails from him. mark madoff and his younger brother, andrew, worked in the father's firm. they were the ones who called authorities when bernie madoff told them of the ponzi scheme that sent him to prison.
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in north carolina, more than 1,200 people gathered saturday to remember elizabeth edwards, the estranged wife of john edwards. she died on tuesday after a six-year battle with cancer. her daughter, cate, was among those who eulogized mrs. edwards. >> she was smart as a whip but tried to never hold that over anyone. well, unless she was right and they were wrong. >> elizabeth edwards was 61 years old. sarah palin is visiting haiti as part of a humanitarian delegation led by evangelist franklin graham. her visit comes as haiti is fighting a massive cholera outbreak. they stopped at a cholera clinic to deliver holiday gifts to children. big news, and there is big news for college football. auburn university quarterback cam newton is the winner of the 2010 heisman trophy given annually to the nation's top player. newton overcame suspicions that he may have been involved in a
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pay for play recruiting scheme before signing with auburn. those are your headlines this hour. keeping you informed, cnn, the most trusted name in news. >> larry: we're back with mike tyson. do you still train? do you keep in shape? >> yeah, yeah. i do two hours a day. the treadmill, or the bike. maybe walk two hours. and that's what i do. >> larry: go to fights? >> sometimes. >> larry: do you like watching boxing? >> sometimes. sometimes. >> larry: you're not a big -- >> i like being entertained. if it's boxing, a movie, i just want to be entertained. i want somebody to entertain me. i like to entertain people, so i want to be entertained, too. if i'm not being entertained, i
3:30 am
don't go. there's not too many entertaining fights, or entertaining heavy weights in the boxing world. there are good fighters, but they're just not entertaining. people get the two confused. >> larry: ali was both? >> yes. >> larry: you were both. >> thank you. >> larry: you could do -- you could go on the quiz show with the subject of boxing. you know your history, right? >> at one time i did. i knew a little bit. >> larry: you used to reel off all the champions, who beat who. >> that was my profession. i wanted to be the best at it. so i wanted to know the whole history of this stuff. i was just crazy about this boxing. >> larry: what do you remember most about that terrible night in tokyo? where buster douglas beat you. biggest upset of all time. >> he really fought good that night. >> larry: you weren't trained well? >> well, i've been better trained. but the fact is, he fought great. that really set off everything.
3:31 am
>> larry: did you know early on you were in trouble? >> yes. yes, i did. >> larry: what told you? >> when i couldn't hit him. i thought, this is going to be difficult. >> larry: that was a pretty good sign. frustrating. most of the guys you fought were taller than you, right? >> pretty much, yeah. >> larry: pem didn't realize that. >> i'm 5'10", i'm not a tall person. >> larry: but these guys -- would you like to have fought ali? >> no, no. i don't want to -- he's one of my heroes. i don't want to fight those guys. i like the way history made it, the guys before me, ali, tuny, all these -- i just -- >> larry: lewis? >> lewis, yeah. marciano. i'm glad i watched them before me. if i didn't have those guys to watch and study, there's no way i would have been successful in this stuff. >> larry: when you see muhammad ali now, and what the disease
3:32 am
has done to him, do you ever fear of something slowing you down as you age? >> i don't know. there's not much that i'm afraid of basically in life. think about the worst thing that ever happened to me, i lost one of my kids. >> larry: you can't top that. >> tell me about it. so no, i don't think i'm afraid of anything. >> larry: why do you live in las vegas? >> i've lived there for so long, i've lived there for probably 24 years, 25 years. >> larry: what do you like about it the most? >> it's just who i am. you know what i mean? it's like my home now. >> larry: hot in the summer? >> i'm used to that stuff. >> larry: to a brooklyn kid, that's -- >> that's okay. brooklyn kid, we can handle anything. >> larry: all right. by the way, do you think you deserve to be in a boxing hall of fame? >> i don't know. that's not up to me to decide, you know?
3:33 am
it's up to the people that vote and decide whether i should be in the hall of fame or not. >> larry: do you think you should be? >> i don't know. i'll say i deserve to be a guard. but i won't -- i will never say that. i can't say anything, do i deserve anything. of course, everybody in their own belief want to be the best in the world at what they endeavors were. >> larry: i sat with you in the ring in las vegas, the eve of your comeback fight. you were just out of prison. i asked you, if it was a tough way to make a living. you didn't want to answer, and you said, i'm not going to say something against the sport. do you still feel that way? >> i owe boxing a lot. so i don't have nothing derogatory to say about it. >> larry: does it owe you anything? >> i don't want anything from it.
3:34 am
>> larry: you made a lot of money from it. >> that's great, you know. but boxing, i'm not bigger than boxing. i wish i was. no one individual fighter is bigger than boxing. >> larry: we'll be back with more of mike tyson after this. t, crunchy sticks! ♪ pringles cracker stix. ♪ so delicious... your mouth will be strangely attracted to them. ♪ everything pops with pringles cracker stix.
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>> the first question, do you think you should still be in baseball? >> it's amazing how people like to take shots when they don't really know you.
3:37 am
>> we get paid millions and millions of dollars to play the game that we've been playing since we were kids. >> larry: we are back with the legendary mike tyson. i asked your aforementioned rocky marciano once if he was afraid of anyone, and he said as a kid he was bullied. and he was afraid of him. have you had people you were afraid of? >> tons of people, i guess. it's easy to be bullied. before you fight, you have the confidence -- confidence is everything. confidence breeds success success breeds confidence. >> larry: did you have fights when you were a kid? >> yeah, but i wasn't that successful. some of the stories making that i was fighting in the streets. i wasn't that successful. >> larry: did kids beat you up? >> yeah. yeah. >> larry: after you won the
3:38 am
championship, i'm sure there were kids sitting around saying, i beat him up once. what do you make of all this bullying going on today? >> i don't know. it's just a different world from when i was a kid. it's a different world. >> larry: do you know why people bully people? i've never understood it. >> people bully people because they were bullied. that's just the way it goes. abuser becomes the abusee. that's how it goes, right? >> larry: bullying people because they're gay, or from they're different from you, or because they're black. >> we don't know what we are. some people don't understand themselves. it's difficult to understand people in societies now. people just don't want to get along. racism all the time, and people -- >> larry: you've got a black
3:39 am
person. >> well, all right. but people want to feel different. we have a black president. people want to feel the change that we're actually fighting for. >> larry: it's never going to end then? or do you think it will -- no, it will never end. >> what? >> larry: racism. >> everyone wants to have something they want to be p'd off against. >> larry: you are trying to help a young boy with aplastic anemia. what is that? he's an 8-year-old kid. >> he continues to have these -- he's like my nephew in a way. me and his father, me and his uncle are very tight. we're going to be on the show, the pigeon flies with me. >> larry: do they live in vegas? >> no, they live in jersey city. >> larry: how did you meet the kid? >> i knew his parents before he was born. >> larry: what is aplastic anemia? >> it's a -- basically what he needs is a bone marrow transplant. because he has these horrific fevers that gopher over 105
3:40 am
every day. there's no way he can stay at home. he stays in the hospital. he's an awesome little kid. >> larry: so they need a match? >> yes. >> larry: have people offered? have they tried? >> yes. i believe we had a month ago, we had a rally, and we had like 600 people came out. it's very rare in the african-american and spanish community that we ever get any donors. >> larry: so you need a black donor, right? >> no, he's a puerto rican child. >> larry: probably has to be la dino then? >> i don't understand it. we'll just hope that somebody -- >> larry: what if somebody's watching now that wants to offer to try? >> i believe we gave your producers the number. >> larry: you can call that number, and try to help this young 8-year-old friend of mike. mike spent three years in prison. we spoke to him in 1994 in indiana while he was serving his sentence for rape. watch.
3:41 am
>> expect the good, expect the word. when the good happens, it happens. you know what i mean? i don't expect anybody who put me in prison -- if someone puts me in here, and the more polite i am to them, the more i lay back, that's not going to take them sit back. if you're in a fight and hurt them, the objective is not to lay back and let them recoup. >> but the law says -- >> whose law said that? the law of the united states? who controls the law of the united states? >> legislatures. >> they have their own agenda. laws mean nothing. give me the currency of a country and you can make all the rules in the world. that's all that matters. who's in control. >> larry: still feel that way? >> i was a real mean guy, larry. i was mean back then. >> larry: we walked into -- you walked into that room for that interview, you didn't like me.
3:42 am
>> i love you. you're a foolish. get out of here. >> larry: thank god. we'll be back with more of mike tyson after this.
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♪ >> larry: that was a funny or die video that mike did recently, a spoof of the bobby brown song "every little step." why does that crack you up? >> i was insane. i don't know why i did that. my wife, lakeya, and wayne brady got together, and they put something in the play. and we did that. >> larry: did they dare you to do is? >> i wanted to do it. i had no idea that it would be so much work. those little dance moves, i almost had a heart attack. i thought i would do my little treadmill.
3:46 am
i knew i wasn't in shape. i had to start doing sprints. i was just -- my feet felt like they were on fire. >> larry: you were there to enjoy it. you enjoyed it? >> i had a wonderful time. i'm pursuing an acting career. >> larry: concerning that, mike had a standout part in one of the biggest movies, and one of the funniest movies ever made. in fact, if you watch the "hangover" and did not laugh, you passed away. here is the scene. watch. >> who the hell are you? >> who the hell are you? >> quiet, quiet. >> mike tyson? >> shhh. this is my favorite part coming up right now. ♪ i can feel it coming every night ♪
3:47 am
>> hey, guy. ♪ oh, lord ♪ i've been waiting for this moment all my life ♪ one more time, guys. >> oh, lord. >> oh, geez! >> larry: you cannot watch "the hangover -- i don't think it ever goes 30 seconds without a laugh. did you read the whole script? >> no. they just called me and said, hey, let's do this. i had no idea this would be a big movie. i thought, let's just do it. i wanted to do it. but the cast was just -- >> larry: how long did you work on it? >> i don't know. maybe two weeks or so. and i just -- i'm very grateful to be a part of the cast. i had an awesome cast to work with. they carried me well. >> larry: when you saw the whole thing finished, what did you think?
3:48 am
>> i thought it was an awesome movie. and the same director did "old school" which was an awesome movie, i thought. and i never had any idea that we would surpass that. >> larry: are you going to be in "hangover 2"? >> yes, i will. thank you. >> larry: playing yourself again? >> yeah. >> larry: where are you now? can you tell us what the scene is? >> i'm going to be doing my stuff. >> larry: will you be in a hotel again? >> i don't know. >> larry: bill clinton is going to be in it. >> that's what i heard. >> larry: truth -- do you want to be a star? >> i want to be -- >> larry: a movie star? >> it's possible, yeah. i just want to have fun. i take myself too seriously. i want to have fun. >> larry: did you go to the grand opening? did you go to the premiere? >> i didn't have time to go to the premiere. but i got a lot of reviews and a lot of people gave me accolades. i'm just very grateful. >> larry: you appeared to enjoy yourself before the camera. you were at home.
3:49 am
>> i've been doing this for a long time pretty much. i'm pretty grateful. i could have been going in a different direction right now. i'm just pretty grateful. allah's blessed me with a lot of good blessings. >> larry: back with more of mike tyson after this.
3:50 am
3:51 am
>> larry: we're back with mike tyson. in "hangover 2," bill clinton's going to be in it. mike tyson, mel gibson was supposed to be in it but the cast voted him off. >> i could never vote anybody
3:52 am
off of nothing or judge anyone, trust me. >> larry: you're beyond -- you don't judge. >> i live in a big glass house and i beg that no one throws a pebble at it. >> larry: why did you do that interview with robin givens with barbara walters? >> i don't know. >> larry: why did you do that? >> i was a schmuck back then, larry. that's why. >> larry: you sat there and she's telling all these terrible things about you and you're sitting there taking it. >> what should i have done, larry? kicked her in the head. >> larry: no. >> i want your advice, larry. >> larry: don't go on the show. >> i should have had you as my adviser. you have more experience with women than i do. >> larry: yeah, yeah, yeah. all right. what new projects are you working on? do you have something to do with an airline? >> yeah. lv airlines. >> larry: las vegas? >> yes. las vegas is in an economic crisis and everything. and we're working hard to give back to the community since i've been in a big community, las vegas, for 24 years.
3:53 am
>> larry: is the airliner short hauls? >> no, it's ultra luxury airliner. it's taking the place of the concord, so to speak. >> larry: where does it play to? >> from all over the country to las vegas. >> larry: how many people does it hold? >> well, i'm not aware of that right now. but next year, it's going to come out. >> larry: lv air? >> yes. >> larry: are you an investor? are you a spokesperson? >> a little bit of both, yeah. >> larry: you're not putting me on, right? >> i'm very serious. >> larry: i could see you on a luxury airline. welcome to lv air. >> i'm mike tyson. come to las vegas and hang out with me. >> larry: sit down, baby. you've got lv air. you've got a movie career. where do you --
3:54 am
>> and we have a production company named -- my wife, she invented this company, called tyrannic. it's going to be pretty awesome. >> larry: do you ever regret all the money you went through? >> no, i don't regret anything. nothing that i really regret because i'm just something living. i'm happy to still be alive. there's people that die with billions of dollars. they're not here no more. as long as you continue to live, something good's going to happen. we're going to all die anyway. might as well continue to go on with life hard -- >> larry: rehab did a lot for you? >> yeah, rehab was pretty awesome for me. >> larry: i had lunch with you while you were in that. that really helped you. >> it was good for me. i'm one of those guys, i need a structure. i never really had a structure.
3:55 am
that's why i've been successful in flying, because i was structured there. i believed this is what i should do and what i was born to do. that's where keeps me on the straight and narrow, i'm structured with my family. it's pretty much my whole existence. >> larry: we'll be back with our remaining moments with a good guy, mike tyson. >> larry: we're back.
3:56 am
3:57 am
>> larry: we're back. if you see mike with his head down, i just took a shot at him. i hit him in the -- okay, it's all right. you're going to be a father again? >> yeah. that's going to be awesome. >> larry: when is she the due? >> february 1st. >> larry: do you know what it is? >> it's a boy.
3:58 am
>> larry: little mike tyson. >> yeah. >> larry: are you going to name him junior? >> no, i'm not going to do that to the poor kid. >> larry: that puts a heavy burden on a kid. >> that's going to be deep. i don't want to do that. i'm looking forward to try to do this stuff right. you know. i've been married to my third marriage. >> larry: there's nothing like being a father. >> yeah. >> larry: nothing. >> there's nothing like being a committed father. you have to be committed and dedicated. this is going to be something new on me to be totally committed and dedicated to the situation. >> larry: something i've meant to ask you. why did you put those markings on your face? >> because i liked it. when i saw the tattoo, i wanted to do it. >> larry: doesn't tattooing hurt? >> well, yeah, it did hurt a little, yeah. >> larry: hurt a little. they're taking a needle, right? and they're rubbing it into your head.
3:59 am
why? >> because i want to, larry. i wanted the tattoo, larry. that's why i did it. because i wanted the tattoo. >> larry: are you happy with them? >> yeah, pretty much. >> larry: you like the look? >> yeah. >> larry: you didn't need anything to tell people who you were. do you think it scares people? >> if it did, i wouldn't be on this show. >> larry: who hit you the worst ever? >> i don't know, everyone. everyone that hit me -- >> larry: was there ever a punch that, whoa -- >> yeah, ray. holderfield. when you get hit. it's just numb. you hear a bell ringing. >> larry: it's not pain? >> no. well, of course, you wouldn't know -- if someone got clocked, they'll tell you, yeah, you don't feel anything. it's not like, oh, you're in a lot of pain. when you get clocked really good and you get knocked out, you don't feel a thing. >> larry: you're just gone? >> you don't feel anything. ar


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